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June 1, 2023
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Case studies

Rzeszów's innovative jCharge station - a sustainable mobility solution for a modern city


Rzeszów, the capital of Podkarpacie ( Voivodeship in the south of Poland ), continues its efforts to find innovative solutions aimed at improving the quality of life for its residents. One step towards implementing this strategy was the installation of our jCharge station in the heart of the city.

The station consists of 4 double-sided micro-mobility charging stations equipped with intelligent energy management systems sourced from solar panels. As a result, the station operates fully autonomously and does not require an external power source. This means that residents of Rzeszów can use it without worrying about its impact on the natural environment.

But the jCharge station is not just about ecology, it is mainly a functional element of the urban space. Each station is equipped with a universal vertical slot, enabling easy docking of bicycles, as well as double-sided holders that stabilize the handlebars of the scooter during charging. This means that any user of electric bicycles or scooters can easily connect their device and take advantage of free charging.

The implementation of the jCharge station in the center of Rzeszów is an important step towards sustainable city development and an important element in building Net Zero Cities strategies. The availability of the station for urban operators means that more people have the opportunity to use micro-mobility. This in turn affects the reduction of traffic jams, improves the city’s traffic flow, and reduces the emission of harmful substances into the air.

The jCharge station provides easy access to charging electric scooters and bicycles for residents and tourists who use micro-mobility as a form of transportation. This is not only an ecological solution, but also convenient and practical for users. Rzeszów is gradually changing its face and becoming an environmentally friendly city for its residents. We are pleased that it is doing so with the help of our station!

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