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May 20, 2023
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Case studies

How to effectively promote green mobility among employees?


Together with Nordea Bank, we have successfully implemented four jCharge stations strategically located near branches in Łódź, Gdańsk, and Warsaw.

Our main goal of this implementation is to promote sustainable and environmentally conscious commuting to work using micromobility solutions.


Our jCharge stations offer a secure and convenient parking solution for electric scooters, allowing users to easily book their parking spot through the ParkCash mobile app. After scanning the QR code generated in the application, the LED shows in which spot shall the scooter be placed and then the locker enables the vehicle to be locked until the code is scanned again. The simplicity of using our device aims to encourage the adoption of micromobility as an alternative to conventional means of transportation, which contribute to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.


In addition to enabling employees to conveniently use micromobility, jCharge stations optimize space around office buildings. A single deployment of jCharge stations in the office parking space, as done at the branches of the bank in Łódź, transforms two conventional parking spots into 8 dedicated micromobility slots.

These implementations represent an important step in encouraging employees to refrain from using cars as their primary means of commuting to the office, consequently leading to a transition towards more environmentally friendly and spatially efficient solutions.

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