Universal electromobility charging stations for the smart city.


Universal electromobility charging stations for the smart city.


Universal electromobility charging stations for the smart city.

The jCharge Revolution!

We provide universal charging stations for modern and eco-friendly cities.

Thanks to jCharge charging stations, charging of both electric scooters and bicycles is becoming user-friendly for residents of developing cities.

Proprietary technology obtains and manages electricity from solar energy, which positively influences the eco-friendly image of the cities that we work with.

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How does it work?


Identification of needs.

Based on the information that we get during the discussion with people in charge of innovations in the city, we propose the placement of our devices.


The station is operational!

Charging electric scooters, electric bicycles and smartphones is possible virtually immediately after installation. jCharge automatically recognizes the device it needs to charge, making it extremely user-friendly.


We install our charging stations.

We install jCharge charging stations at the scheduled time and place. Thanks to their modern design, they get people’s attention even before they start working.


The charger data is visible in the remote management panel.

jCharge collects all non-sensitive data about the devices it charges, as well as the stations themselves. By giving cities access to such data, we can easily increase the effectiveness of social campaigns aimed at users of both electric scooters and bicycles, and display heat maps and station usage.


We connect with operators.

jCharge stations are primarily designed for charging the scooters of city operators, who provide us with data on the location of the scooter. Through this, jCharge creates order in the city and makes micromobility 100% eco-friendly.


Settle accounts with operators.

jCharge is also a tangible reduction in operating costs for operators, who can pay cities for the process. Thanks to the management panel, you can see current energy consumption and a bill of each of the operators.

The three pillars of jCharge


The system is based on the artificial intelligence modules, which allows it to match the charging method to the connected device. This is a big help in a situation where there are many types of electric scooters and bicycles in the city.


Our charging stations are the answer to the needs of the future. All cities that want to remove smog from their streets, need to work on using renewable energy sources in their operations. jCharge is a part of your city’s green strategy.

Order in a city

With charging stations, scooters will finally be fully eco-friendly and organized, making the city fully sustainable.

Case studies


The station located in the city center consists of 4 micro-mobility charging ports equipped with intelligent energy management systems which is delivered from the solar panels. Thanks to this, the station operates fully autonomously and does not require an external power source.
The implementation of our station in Rzeszów is an important step towards sustainable urban development and a significant element in building the Net Zero Cities strategy


Four jCharge stations located at the entrance to Orange campus in Warsaw featuring a grand total of 16 micro-mobility charging ports allow employees to safely park their vehicles outside of the office building itself. 

By providing the necessary infrastructure for micro-mobility devices, Orange has taken an important step towards promoting sustainable transportation options for their employees. This initiative not only reduces the company’s carbon footprint but also helps to create a culture of sustainability within the organization.

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